The Otto(Osteophonic) Tuner​ means vibrate to the bone.  Otto is designed with weights placed on the prongs. Weights create a strong vibration which is transferred through the Tuning Fork Stem directly into tissues.  Creating sound and vibration through the use of Tuning Forks, one is able to change the inner tuning of the nervous system.  Ottos can be applied on specific acupuncture points, Acupressure points, trigger points to access the body's meridian energy system or on an area there is physical pain.

Tuning Fork Body Tuners / Body Work

​There are Tuning Forks tuned to the Chakras(energy centers). These Forks are designed for use over the body to access Chakras, as well as the Auric field(human energy field).  I can asses your energy, remove blocks, holes, tears and rebalance your Chakras & Auric field. 

Tuning Fork Chakra / Aura Balancing 

It's a great alternative to Acupuncture!​ Tuning Fork is Acupuncture minus the needles.  The sound vibration of the Tuning Fork penetrates deeper than the needle.  Vibration of sound helps deepen the benefit from other modalities. Tuning Forks are designed for use on or over the body.  

The Universe is vibrating.  everything is a vibration and frequency.  Tuning Fork is a vibrational energy healing therapy.  Our energetic body has a vibration and every organ in our body vibrates to a certain frequency.  Our vibrational frequencies can become out of balance by negative situations, emotions, foods, stress, environment, toxins or trauma. Tuning Fork therapy is like tuning a piano. It tunes the vibrations of the body for a total feeling of wellness and facilitates inner harmony and wholeness.  Tuning Forks of different tones correlate to different organs, meridians and Chakras(energy centers). 

Sound tools entrain the brain to move into deeper Alpha & Theta brain wave frequencies, induce deep meditative and peaceful states, alter consciousness, clarity of mind, reduces stress, corrects imbalances and release stuck emotions.  Tuning Forks are able to correct the body's optimum rate of vibration with sound waves.  You simply relax, close your eyes and allow the sound to play through your body as every cell pulsates, resonates and interacts with powerful vibrations, thus awakening the life energy cells and returning you to health and harmony. **Vibration releases stuck emotions**