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Oprah's 1-on-1 interview with John Of God

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Experience the healing power of a John Of God crystal light healing bed from Brazil.  Revitalize your mind, body, spirit with these spiritually charged Vogel cut clear Quartz crystals. These crystals open & cleanse your chakras from negative energies that become attached to your energy field & allows your chi energy to flow more freely which promotes healing.

​John Of God

Crystal Light Bed

I was deeply moved by the profound experience I had in Brazil in June, 2013 with John Of God and his Entities. I experienced a deep spiritual, emotional & physical transformation while receiving Crystal bed treatments at The Casa De Don Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil.  During my Crystal bed & meditation sessions, I received messages from my guides to bring a Crystal bed back to Long Island, NY to conduct healings to improve clients health or mind, body, spirit connection.  I'm truly blessed to have been given permission by John Of God & his entities to offer Crystal light bed healing sessions in Long Island, NY. My mission is to use the Crystal Light bed to restore physical, mental, emotional  & spiritual well-being of any individual. The Crystal light bed is a safe non-invasive energy healing modality that combines the powerful healing powers of Quartz crystals & color therapy to help facilitate physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing & well- being. The Crystal bed promotes healing by removing any energy blocks in the body & rebalancing your chakras. It raises your vibration which allows physical, mental, emotional & spiritual healing.

​Dr. Wayne Dyer's surgery from John Of God

Oprah interviewed Dr. Wayne in